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Guitar Lessons with Judith Kay

A Relaxed Approach — with Structure
at Judith Kay's Arden, Delaware studio
(just north of Wilmington, Delaware, and 30 minutes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Jazz • Folk * Country • Classical • Blues

Advanced Players, Please Note:
Judith Kay is an expert in teaching jazz inversions, chord‑melody playing, and authentic bossa nova rhythms.

Guitar Lessons
age 9 to ADULT

Anyone can learn to take songs off a CD, and to sing and play like the artist!!

"I let my students guide me in my approach to teaching them. I want to help them play the music they want to play! So, we can keep it light and simple, or get as technical and theoretical as they desire!!" —Judith Kay

With just sheer INTEREST and SHORT daily PRACTICE you can learn to play:

  1. At least 15 different strumming and finger-picking patterns.
  2. "Lead" lines (single note melody lines).
  3. Fourteen beginning basic and then 80 intermediate chords that will allow you to play virtually ANY sheet music you pick up!
  4. Hundreds more advanced chords (if you desire).
  5. Ways to improvise (make things up on the spur of the moment) that are straight forward and simple.

Beginning students, please note:
a one time get-acquainted lesson will precede the first lesson series.

Contact Judith Kay soon to set up your own PRIVATE lesson time!!


"I have studied with Judith for a number of years.  Judith is very flexible in terms of working on the kind of music that most interests me, which happens to be Irish music.  I have learned how to read music and developed the ability to utilize a range of different strums and picks."
—Ed Freel, Policy Scientist, University of Delaware

"She allows you to grow at your own pace; Judith's musical knowledge and expertise make being a guitar student fun."
—Greg Bell, Director of Recruiting, Unisys Corporation

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link to student videoVIDEO OF STUDENT RECITAL

Ensemble of Voice & Guitar Students recorded by Mark Kuller at Judith Kay's studio in Arden, Delaware, 9 May 2011

Click here to see this video of students singing and playing guitar