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Upcoming gigs by Judith Kay

Judith Kay is now a part of the newly formed Penn Collegium Musicum, conducted by Meg Bragle, who has an international reputation as one of today's most gifted and versatile mezzo-sopranos.

The group's second concert, un-named as of yet, is all about the theme of LOVE - and will contain music of the late Medieval/Renaissance periods by such composers as Dunstable, Dowland, Lassus, Morley, Palestrina, deRore and Monteverdi.

The group's exciting next concert is either free (or a nominal fee), open to the public, and will take place at:

St. Mary's Church
3916 Locust Walk
Philadelphia PA 19104

Saturday, May 4, 2019; 8 PM


As always, for bookings and inquiries about performances, please send an email by clicking here.